Natasha Forder Berlin Statue Featured

a love of statues

Hello! Statues are just one of those things that I adore photographing. If I spot one, then that’s it, you’ll get no sense out of me for quite some time! I like to capture the close up details as well as the whole, the texture and the atmosphere.

And let’s face it statues are also great to work with because they don’t ask, have you finished yet? They don’t complain that they don’t look their best, and of course they aren’t camera shy :)

As well as statues I love taking photos of all sorts of “stuff”. This “stuff” is great for creating backgrounds and blending papers. I’ve been doing this for some years now, and I have some favourites that I like to use often.

Back home is where the second phase begins. Now I have my statue photos, and images for blending with it’s time to get super creative. This is when I just experiment and play. Try different things until I hit on a winning combination.

Paris is a great place for capturing beautiful statue photos, but I am going to start with Berlin. This statue was captured in the Friedrichswerder church (also a museum) on a visit in 2012 and I created the artwork as soon as I got home. I just couldn’t wait to get arty with this photo!

Natahsa Forder Berlin Statue

The next three statues were taken in Paris. This first artwork you might recognise. I created it for my website at the start of this year. The statue resides on the Pont Alexander III, and is my favourite statue in Paris.

Natasha Forder Paris Bridge Statue

Moving on to Cimetiere du Pere Lachaise, a great place for statues and flowers. The artwork below combines a wonderful angel statue with roses. I have given the statue a “floral” dress.

Natasha Forder Paris Angel Statue

Finally it’s a visit to the Pantheon, and the images I used for blending were taken in Berlin. I have several versions, but I love the blue of this one, and the way the pattern in one of the blending images displays.

Natasha Forder Paris Pantheon Statue

What do you love to photograph? Do you like to get creative with your photography? If you do, I’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment and/or link in comments below. Have a wonderful week, full of creativity and discovery, Natasha :)