Beautiful Flowers

beautiful flowers

Hi :) Summer is flying by and I hadn’t realised how long it was since I last posted. It feels like only yesterday that I was posting images of a great spotted woodpecker, stocking up on food to take back their young ones. Since then the young ones have grown up, left the nest and are just as capable as their parents. They still have their red caps, but these are disappearing. The birds may all have grown up but the flowers are still blooming, and some are yet to display their full glory.

Beautiful Flowers

My garden is full of beautiful flowers, and this rose with its wonderful pink blooms is always stunning. Especially against a blue sky. And it just keeps growing too; it’s way taller than I am!

I love all the vibrant colours of the summer, which are even more amazing when the sun shines. The pastels are equally beautiful, and all are loved by the many insects that visit the garden too.

The bees, bumbles and honey, have been enjoying the herbs, especially the marjoram, oregano and lavenders. There has been quite a few different types of butterfly too, which also love the lavender. However, ladybirds are few and far between. Unfortunately I’ve not seen very many of these this year, just a handful. Hopefully next year will be better for them. There are lots of aphids for them in the garden as well, so there is no excuse for them not to visit!

What is the highlight of your garden at the moment? I’d love you to share, just enter a comment and/or link in comments below. I promise I won’t leave it so long before my next post. Have a wonderful time until then and enjoy the beautiful flowers in either your garden or local area, Natasha :)