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broadwater lake

Hello and a big thank you for the lovely comments on my new blog and last post. It always makes my day when I know that people enjoy reading what I write, are inspired and look forward to reading more :)

Today’s article is exploring the art of creating a background from a photo and then using that as the backdrop to a scrapbook layout.

Tuesday, and my first blog post day, was my birthday! My Mum and Dad invited me out and we had a spot of lunch, picnic style, by a lovely lake and as you can guess this event was not going to go unscrapped!

With my phone’s camera I took some photos on our walk around the lake. Whilst out and about I keep in mind what photos I might need for creating a scrapbook layout. The view across the lake instantly jumped out as a good background opportunity and hence a snap not to be missed!

Back home a couple of days later and it was time to get scrapping :) You can see how I created my background and layout in the creativity sheets below. Click on them to display the images larger as a slide show.

My background, embellishments and layout were all created in Craft Artist. The crocuses were cut out from one of my photos, from the day, in Cutout Studio and the paint and ink artistic effect applied in the PhotoLab to give a more arty look. I also created a few extra embellishments: a paperclip, pins and a piece of notepaper.

To give the page a little depth, the notepaper and two of my selected photos were layered and clipped together. The cut out flowers were also layered to create a cluster of three and added to the corner of one of the photos to add a slight frame.

Finally it was time to add some journaling. This added details that the photos didn’t tell, and my layout was complete :)

A wonderful day out and a wonderful memory scrapped. I also have a couple of lovely photos of my parents to use on a second layout :)

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Enjoy a great week of snapping and scrapping and I’ll catch up with you soon, bye for now, Natasha :)