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create – bring (something) into existence

I like to create a poem or two! But the following poem is quite out of character for me, comedy is not my usual style! But it was fun to create and unexpected :)

The Princess and Her Lover

 Once upon a time there lived
A princess in a tower
There she lived until one day
Her love dropped by with flowers.

The princess out of her window looked
When her love called out in woe
To see him with a bunch of roses red
With a matching ribbon and bow.

My love please don’t forsake me, he said
For I heard it on the news
That you’ve taken the hand of another
Leaving me quite confused.

A silent tear she did weep
For he was her true dear lover
But family harmony she was trying to keep
By agreeing to marry another.

Feeling as distraught as him
She decided on a whim
To leave her tower and her betrothed
And run away with him.

What a scandal in the news
Not the princess and her lover (who incidentally lived happy ever after)
But about her previously betrothed
Who was now married to her mother!

By Natasha Forder © 2011