dawn Silhouette

dawn silhouette

Hei! I’m glad you could join me here at natashaforder.co.uk. This website is where I am sharing with you my “creativity discovered” and It’s my first post!!! I’m starting by getting arty with a photograph that I captured using my phones camera.

On an early morning walk, down the lanes near where I live I took a photo of a tree. This was captured with the camera on my iPhone 5, using the Hipstamatic app. (OK, I took lots of photos, but this is the one I really wanted to get creative with!) It was taken with the sun behind as I was looking for a silhouette effect. The tree is striking with its bare branches and I wanted this to be the focus of the photograph.

The next step was to give the photo some drama! To do this I used one of my favourite techniques; blending. I had a couple of items in mind for blending my photo with; a paper that I’d created out of photograph some time back of panels on a wooden building, and another photo of a blue sky with clouds.

I used Craft Artist by Serif to work in. This software is a favourite of mine; it’s easy to use and has a good range of features for getting creative with. To see how I created “dawn silhouette” take a look at the creativity sheets below. Click on them to display the images larger as a slide show.

Have you been creative with your photos and a bit of blending? If you have I’d love you to share. Leave a comment and link in the comments section below :)

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Have a great creative week and I’ll be back soon with some more creativity discovered, Natasha :)