Vintage Summer Finland


discover – find unexpectedly or during a search

Every year, for a number of years I discovered the forget-me-not and this poem is my way or remembering not to forget! Discoveries can happen at any time!

The Forget-Me-Not

In spring time the forget-me-nots raise their heads
Pretty little pale blue flowers in amongst the flower beds.

Every year when their green leaves though do first appear
I wonder to myself what have we got here.

I don’t know how it is always so easy to forget
With a name like they have it should be there in my head.

I ponder a little longer on how it can possibly be
To forget the forget-me-not so completely.

It isn’t until the little blue flowers begin to grow
And the busy bees hurry from flower to flower, to and fro.

That I suddenly remember from somewhere deep down inside
That the name is forget-me-not and happily I sigh.

As this time next year, of course, I will not forget
As the name will be forever imprinted inside my once forgetful head!

By Natasha Forder © 2011