Näsijärvi Tampere Finland


explore – travel through (an unfamiliar area) in order to learn about it


Sauna, Kahve, Metsä, Järvi
Laiva, Meri, Kylä, Saari

To Suomi I travelled, a short trip by plane
Flying over its archipelago, my excitement hardly contained!

Though to the sauna, I didn’t venture
Not on these travels, though I think maybe not ever

The kahvi not to my liking, never
But this also too strong… too bitter so I’ve heard for any Brits pleasure

The metsä I passed on journeys between city stops
Not to see this time, just for me an endless vision of tall pine tops

I walked around the järvi, looked across it with its small island lands
Photographed its water, its boats and its beach like sands

The laiva in the harbour, took me to visit the island fort
And in the night light I looked back to the city port

The Meri coast, here it is calm with gentle breeze, warm sun
I walk past park and market square, red church and statue, just one

Kylä of wooden houses through which I wandered… this, a place not yet out of time
Despite fire and history it still stood faded but fine

I visited the saari, via bridge not boat
I walked its circumference, but it was small, you must note

Sauna, Coffee, Forest, Lake
Boat, Sea, Village, Island

And my next trip to Finland it’s certainly a date!

By Natasha Forder © 2008