Woodpecker Featured

great spotted woodpeckers at the brambles

Hello :) Something I really love about “The Brambles” is that great spotted woodpeckers visit. I love all of the wildlife but these woodpeckers are real characters!

These wonderful photos were taken by Steve, my partner.

Since these were taken the young woodpeckers have been visiting and it hasn’t taken them long to learn the ropes! They are all quite capable of feeding from the fat block and the nut hanger. Although they are quite happy having a hand out from Mum and Dad too!

I’ve been trying to get some good photos of the young ones but with a mix of lack of light and the fact they are quite nervous, they fly off as soon as I open the back door, I’ve not managed it yet. I’m still trying!

I hope that you have been enjoying seeing summer start to unfold with lots of young birds and wildlife in your garden or the area that you live. If you’d like to share please enter a comment and/or link in comments below. Have a wonderful time keeping up with nature, bye for now, Natasha :)