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poem – on a beautiful day

Hei :) As you know I love my poetry and this week I’ve been getting creative with a poem I wrote last year, titled, on a beautiful day. Of course I couldn’t resist adding a photo in the mix too :)

Natasha Forder Poem

How I created my word art poem

To start with I took a good look though my newly purchased fonts and chose a few that I felt would work well together and with my poem. I then used different fonts on different sections of the poem. Having decided on a mix of black and white for the colour theme, to keep it simple, I changed some of the words to white. Adding some little illustrations that came with one of the fonts gave a wonderful final touch too. The last line of the poem uses text on a path to create the heart shape.

Moving on to the background I blended a plain blue background at 50% transparency with a background I’d created some time back. This was a picture of a wall that I’d “grunged”. Finally I selected a photo taken somewhere on the way to Bodie, California. I split the photo in half. Added the top part to the top of my canvas, the middle has no photo, and the bottom half of the photo to the bottom of the canvas. Lastly blending the two parts of the photo into the background.

And that was it! One poem, one photo, a grungy background, and lots of fonts!

You can also find the poem here on my journal page: on a beautiful day.

Thank you for stopping by. :) If you have a poem to share or you’ve been getting creative with fonts and word art I’d love to see. Just leave a comment and/or link in comments below. Catch up with you again real soon, Natasha :)